the African landscape inspires my art.

Nature possesses wondrous powers.
It inspires, gives hope, uplifts our spirits, soothes and calms,
and reminds us that there is always something better.

Mediums used when preparing the original artworks includes Etching, Marley print, Silkscreen and Drawing as medium. Combined with printed paper, all works become mixed media. Etching & dryneedle gives me the ability to work extremely detailed while the Marley prints gives a beautiful abstract feel, especially the embossing in paper.


Digital printing opened a new world to me. The original artworks are transformed onto any medium and digital printed. This not only makes the artworks more accessible to a wider audience, but also extend my work to become more functional.


All images are representations of original graphic prints.
All items are locally produced.

A little bit about


I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. I completed a BA Fine Art degree at the university of Pretoria where I majored in Printmaking.

I love everything beautiful from nature that I can bring into fabric and design. If I were to describe myself in three word’s I would say being creative, being Passionate and most of all being individualistic.

Building a business is not for the faint-hearted. You need to invest a lot of yourself, you are not just making art – you are building a brand. To be creative is my job title! To keep up with what is new and hip.

It is important to remain an artist and not someone who simply makes things to sell. My clients must love and appreciate my art. I need to help them to enter my world, to see and love what I see and love. Only way to do this is to continue to capture the essence of art and beauty. There is a great satisfaction to see people appreciate and enjoy my finished work.

As a young artist I used to only do exhibitions at art galleries. From 2012 I started printing my Artworks digitally onto canvas and Fabric. I subsequently had an exhibition at The Tina Skukan Gallery titled “Magic” in 2012, exhibiting my small Nguni etchings. The digital Nguni works were submitted to Weylandts who subsequently entered into an agreement to sell these images on canvas. This catapulted me into getting my own business of the ground and allowing me to make my artwork available to a larger audience. Digital printing onto canvas and fabric opened a new world to me.

My design process from start to end begins with inspiration from nature. My camera by my side. I start with photos of things that catch my interest. From there I make an original artwork. Using the original artwork, I continue to play with texture and different colours on my etching or lino plate. The final artwork I will scan or photograph before working on it for digital printing to canvas and fabric. Print making is mostly abstract – it is not like a painting where you have relative certainty on what the end product would be. This is exactly why I love print making – every time I put my inked plate through the etch press, I am holding my breath to see what the end result would look like.

My products include various sizes of wall canvasses, printed upholstery fabric, scatter cushions, lamp shades and other interior decorations of original artworks based on indigenous South African subjects including the Protea, King Protea, Baobab Trees, Aloes and Nguni’s (cattle breed).
Mediums used when preparing the original artworks includes etching, Marley print, Silkscreen and Drawing. Etching gives me the ability to work extremely detailed while the Marley prints gives a beautiful abstract feel, especially the embossing in paper.
All works become mixed media as I combine printed paper, drawing and silk screen. Digital printing opens a new world as the original artworks are transformed and printed onto fabric. This not only makes the artworks more accessible to a wider audience, but also extend my work to become more functional. We can print the original artwork, digital almost any size the client wants.

The art is not only available in Galleries anymore, you can find it in beautiful interior shops throughout SA. And more people can enjoy the artwork, on canvas or fabric. Recently I started with costume jewellery. The best part is when art becomes functional.

We are all individual people – artists, whom have our own style or as they say our own mark. Even if there is a lot of other artworks of proteas out there, my work will be different – it will have its own character. When you buy a work from an artist, you’re buying more than an object. You are buying a piece of the artists soul, time and love for what she created. I hope that the person will feel the essence of what I felt when creating the work – the bot of magic that I experienced.

I believe in local production as far as possible.“Made in SA” is my focus.

MINITZA  Artworks are  inspired by  the beautiful South African Fauna & Flora, and Found Objects.

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