Care Instructions

How do I Hang my wall art canvas on the wall?

Firstly, take the canvas from the package with both hand and fingers on the side of the canvas frame. Like you would carry a tray. To prevent any imprint from your hand or finger – as the canvas might stretch.
When hanging the canvas on the wall, take carefully measurement on the depth of your screw that’s left off the wall for the canvas to hang from. Be careful not to push the screw through your canvas as you hang it on the wall. Allow the screw length from the wall depth not more than 40mm. we recommend at least 2 screws in your wall, to make sure the canvas is stable and won’t get damaged by falling.

How high and far apart do I hang my Canvas wall Art?

If you have a few canvases next to each other, the rule is between 50mm and 100mm Always make sure where you have the artwork against the wall, that it cannot be damaged by someone passing by. Height is here important. Hanging Artwork against a wall on top of a couch, chair or ottoman, make sure that it cannot be damaged with someone sitting or pushing against it.

How many artworks next to each other?

Depending on your interior space, an uneven number will always do the trick. To give you an example, with a couch, you usually don’t let the canvas (canvases) be larger than the width of the couch. Canvases on the sides of an interior space. Here it is always better to have an equal size to compliment the interior space. All depending on the design of your interior. One Large artwork as a focus point are always stunning. – less is more.

How do I take care of my canvas?

Only use a soft dry cloth to wipe down the canvas of dust. Never use a feather duster as it could damage your canvas surface. Take care that nothing sharp can damage the canvas surface.

How do I take care of my Jewellery?

Please note that the dome is made of glass, if it falls it might break. The base of pendants, cufflinks and earrings, are alloy antique silver or alloy antique bronze. The earrings hooks are sterling silver. Please take note not to emerge the jewelry into water, as it will damage the pendant and the image. Cleaning your jewelry only with a damp cloth.

How do I take care of my bag?

The bags are combined with Fabric and leather. It can not be emerged in water. Only the fabric can be spot cleaned.

MINITZA  Artworks are  inspired by  the beautiful South African Fauna & Flora, and Found Objects.

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