Designer Face Buffs Photoshoot Day July 2020

Early morning makeup session with a room full of excitement. Beautiful woman waiting their turn for Lielie’s magic makeup brush. The room filled with laughter and Fabric facemasks scattered all over. Matching costume jewellery and let’s see who is going to wear what. My camera on hand. Looking for the right angle. With me being a bit on the short side, I find myself on top of a foot stool. Trying my best not to lose balance and try looking professional.

This year will not be forgotten easily. In between #lockdown2020 we all had to endure a different lifestyle staying indoors for a while. As soon as we were able to go outdoors with a face mask or scarf -we enjoyed the fresh air, sun and being able to exercise again. Coincidentally we now have our new range of Fabric tube scarfs – buffs – facemasks.

With fourteen different fabric designs. We had so much fun with the Photo shoot. Thanks for all that was involved to make the day a great success. I am working on more designs & we will definitely need some men models for the next one. The photo shoot day was a great success and the new designed Fabric tubes – face buffs- are getting new owners.

MINITZA  Artworks are  inspired by  the beautiful South African Fauna & Flora, and Found Objects.

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