Nature always have a way to inspire – have a second glance.

Be amazed of what Nature has brought to light – a bit of magic.

Nothing inspires more than Nature. Walking on the beach, in your garden, in the veld opposite our house, the beautiful weaver’s nests hanging low and high. Some of the nests being torn apart by an unhappy female. This is my first sight of inspiration, with found objects. All objects have texture, fine or ruff, delicate or robust. Either driftwood that’s been washed by the sea and bleached by the sun, or a seed gone fragile with time.

My Camera always close by to capture the find. From here the magic starts for new ideas and new artworks. I find my self always having a backpack or bag to carry these finds home. Well to be honest, it’s more usually my hubby or my 2 sons that are willing to bring something new to the studio. My studio may even start looking like a collector’s nest of sort. My husband and sons love bringing me things home from trips they have been on. Old dried up Bushveld snail shells, Buck horns, feathers, and the one special find was the washed tortoise shell found on a friend’s farm.

Even shadows have captured my eye, where the object loses its importance and the abstract shadow becomes the focus. That can keep you very busy.

So never just walk by something, have a second glance at it. You will be amazed of what you could have missed and what Nature has brought to light – a bit of magic.

MINITZA  Artworks are  inspired by  the beautiful South African Fauna & Flora, and Found Objects.

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